[ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?

Roberta Lapiak robertalapiak at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 27 01:39:56 EDT 2004

Could you please tell me if you were detoxed from methadone? Changing from 
methadone is a bad idea I think, I don't think you are going to be able to 
taper down from it I've had that idea so many times but it has never worked 
out for me.

Did the ethnogarden work to detox you and then after this you need another 
dose? I am trying to understand what everyone is saying. Did you get past 
the sickness or were you in complete withdrawl? Are you on a lower dose now 
or did it stay at the same level?

Did anything change for the better is what I mean?

I used the mindvox site, those lines at the top that were called a cosmic 8 
ball, everything it gave me is not positive. Maybe it knows how I feel, I'm 
not sure I needed this much confirmation.

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>To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
>Subject: [ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?
>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 12:35:40 -0700 (PDT)
>Hi list,
>I am a new member, a recent Ibogaine inductee, and am
>currently starting the second week of my Ibo 'detox'.
>I wish I had a more positive story to relay, but I do
>not.  I hope I am not breaking any list etiquette by
>posting this...
>I detoxed from methadone(35mg) using 1gm HCL extract,
>98%, from Ethnogarden, and for the first 13-14 hours
>was convinced I was over opiates- no pain, lots and
>lots of euphoria/positivity.  I was even able to eat
>small amounts of Cheerios and drink apple juice.  How
>wrong I was....
>About an hour later(14/15 hour mark), the Ibo began to
>wear off substantially, and all the too familiar
>withdrawal symptoms began to slowly creep in.  I
>thought it was psychosomatic, so I closed my eyes and
>began to meditate, but to no avail.  Within hours, I
>was in almost full withdrawal.
>I think my problem was that I puked part of my Ibo
>dose WAY TOO SOON, and did not have another gram of
>the HCL to boost me.  I am considering weening myself
>from methadone by chipping with heroin, and then
>detoxing from the heroin with Ibo.  Has anyone done
>this?  Also, would administering the Ibo by enema
>quell a bit of the nausea?
>Thanks for the time to vent, list, and I hope to talk
>to many more of you soon.

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