[ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?

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Thu Aug 26 23:42:13 EDT 2004

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>Hi Howard,
>I waited  about 30 hours from the time of my last
>methadone dosage.  I took 100-200mg test dosage,
>waited 20 minutes, and then took about 500mg, which I
>promptly threw up about an hour later.  I think that
>was my problem- I didn't stagger my doses enough, and
>my body couldn't take it.  I should also mention that
>I had been fasting for 24 hours.
>Positive Notes: I had fantastic visuals- better than
>any other psychotropic substance I have ever touched. 
>Faces of African and Native American people whirled by
>my mind's eye, and a lot of interesting 3D effects:
>cubes, Escher-type staircases.  VERY COOL.  I also
>felt like I made peace with a few moments from my
>past.  All in all, very therapeutic, while it lasted.
>I would like to take Ibogaine again.  I DEFINITELY
>noticed the withdrawal attenuating effects for the
>first 14 hours.  I believe that under the right
>circumstances, Ibogaine could be an incredible healing

You don't account for 1000mg that you indicated in your first post.  That 
being said, how did you determine 1000mg was the dose for you?  And What dose of 
methadone are you now taking?  Same? Less? More?  And why that amount?

How long was it before you were able to sleep?  Did you take a sedative?
What is your age?  What is your weight?

Exactly describe your withdrawal signs.  You can go to 
http://ibogaine.org/manual.html#withdraw to check charts for objective and subjective opioid 
withdrawal signs.



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