NYC's Guerilla Ibogaine Treatments- a brief discussion

Preston Peet ptpeet at
Thu Aug 26 23:32:00 EDT 2004

HI all,
As noted in the forward to this interview, all my recording devices are
broken, so I had to write the answer out longhand during the interview,
which meant I didn't get to go into the nitty gritty like I really wanted
to- hence this is a bit of a shallow interview overall- still, some of you
might be a little bit interested in the pithy replies I managed to scrawl
down legibly enough to transcribe tonight.
Peace and love to all,
NYC's Guerilla Ibogaine Treatments- a brief discussion
by Preston Peet
posted at
August 26, 2004

images taken from Meyaya, at

Gathering ibogaine at the source in Africa

On a gorgeous sunny afternoon in Manhattan's Lower East Side, between my own
first and second sessions on ibogaine, an African root that has been
reported useful in the kicking of a variety of substance addictions and
self-abuse patterns in the West by many researchers and private individuals,
I carried out the following interview. I met in Tompkins Square Park with
FM, who for the month of August was leading a band of guerilla ibogaine
treatment facilitators, treating an assortment of people with ibogaine for
myriad reasons.

Having been one of the lucky few who made contact with this group and was
initiated and treated with ibogaine HCL, I was interested in hearing more
about the man who made this experience possible for me and many other New
York City addicts.
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