[ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?

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Is there  one person? Anyone?

Carla, you are correct. I know I remember one other person who was  very 
disappointed with the lack of results he got from Ethnogarden  Ibogaine.
I have not done Ibogaine but what J describes sounds like he took a very  
weak dose. He was experiencing euphoria and positivity and even able to eat. The  
other recent accounts of Ibogaine do not describe those feelings until after 
the  visions and ataxia are over.
I would be willing to bet that it may very well be Ibogaine they are  selling 
but a very weakened maybe even 'stepped on' version.
I am sorry J. I know it must be very disappointing to get hyped up to only  
be let down.
I do agree with Howard as far as the heroin goes. If you can continue your  
Methadone, that is what I would do. I just don't ever plan to do H again. I 
have  come so close to death by OD a couple of times I would be too frightened to 
do  it again. (unless I was real sick!!!) Seriously, I would avoid heroin as 
long as  I could.
Please keep us posted.
Peace, Callie

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