Follow-up Treatment NYC

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Follow-up Treatment NYC
I think an association of members who have been recently treated in NYC needs to form whereby they pool their resources.

I suggest that a fund be set up and each member contribute on a regular basis to build up a cash flow into the foreseeable future, as successful treatment can be ongoing for up to 6 years. 

The combined cash flow will bring in a cheaper supply of Ibo-HCL to be administered when needed. Most members of the group should themselves be on call to assist another member in need of a treatment at a given time. 

A system of credits can be set up depending on how many treatments one has had, quantity of ibogaine used and the amount of sessions one has given. They can be traded like the Kyoto agreement – maybe call it the Kyoto Group? If someone comes out in credit then at the end point some form of cash refund can be made as some may need less treatment and others more or they can simply sell on their credits to someone else coming in.

Another idea is to set up a program of 6 or 9 major sessions, structure the cost of the ibogaine and treat within the group. Swap treatments. An estimate of the total cost of the ibogaine needed can be made and the member pay in over a period of 2 or 3 years to cover the cost of the ibogaine only. If they need more sessions the price can be adjusted. However in my experience after 6 or 9 treatments, smaller or mini-sessions are in order and they require very little support and can be easily handled by the person themselves. For this they can pay the group for the cost of the ibogaine bought at a reduced price as it is bought in bulk.

Successful treatment is an investment but the costs are prohibitive to complete the program. To buy ibogaine for self administration costs about $200 for a session or $100 for a mini-session. It is only at that level that one can really be comfortable in an ongoing program of ibogaine therapy. Knowing how long it takes for healing, I balk at the idea that one should have to pay $1000 each time minimum. It sounds cheap but really it is expensive to those who need it. And it leaves a person after an initial release from the pain and addiction right back where they started if they cannot continue to be treated and are still not at a stage where they can really benefit from normal therapies.

Of course the group needs to be switched on to the process involved in the overall healing journey. I write a lot about that in my book. They need to be aware of the types of therapy, basically body orientated, that can help, along with the thought processes in their relationships – i.e. to get a grip on the destructive patterns - insight. If the sessions are ongoing they will teach the person to work through these things and give them all the insights they can handle.

Eventually healing arrives and a whole new destination in life has been reached but first a solid program needs to be in place that is not prohibitive. Otherwise I feel in a way its a bit cruel to give one session and leave the person in limbo.

Best to you all,


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