[ibogaine] Patrick

Steven Anker stevenanker at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 26 11:28:05 EDT 2004

So I have to split for a few weeks on a job, get off the list and when I get 
back yesterday lookie lookie! All sorts of shit has happened!

First off, I am pleased as punch that Preston, Sean and others have taken 
the plunge. Cool shit, eh? I've always had this strange and hopeful notion 
that the ibogaine list would have a few more posts from people (gulp) who 
have actually taken it. Congrats people. I was thinking of you Preston. 
Excellent that you have a group to chill with.

Second off, another Patrick trashing? For fucks sake people! Gboy, what's 
the matter, your mom not hug you enough? Last I checked, most people are a 
combination of good and bad, and I believe that if the good outweighs the 
bad, as in Patrick's case, then fuck it, I like 'em! Yin and yang, good and 
evil also supply the vital energy that powers the universe. Some Bwiti dude 
told me "evil is the fire of the engine."

My other friend Patrick always says "There's no such thing as good and bad, 
only dull and amusing... and you're not dull." This is after me moaning 
about what a bad and evil person I am after some transgression of one sort 
or the other.

My mon says "you can fight evil but not stupid."

So fuck it.

Let's move on to that higher dimension.

Another thing, taking ibo multiple times isn't necessarily the answer to 
staying clean. Better post care is. Just an idea. What can we collectively 
do to raise the rate of success? Here's looking at you NYC...


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