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The following URL will take you to the website of Dr. Bennett Cecil, expert in the field of liver
diseases:  www.hepatitisdoctor.com

There is a lot of general information regarding Hep C along with the other hepatitis conditions so
a visit there will benefit most everybody - you'll learn something.  He has a clinic in Louisville, Ky
and I am told he has another one in Detroit, Michigan. maybe somewhere in Pennsylvania also?

We have firsthand experience with this doctor and believe him to be the BEST (Randy and Ann).
On a couple of visits we discussed Ibogaine with him.  He was very interested; in fact, he gave us
a copy of Randy's latest bloodwork.

Best wishes
think at francomm.com

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  Hi Preston,

  My provider warned me that sitters are under a lot of pressure.  This was four days after they dosed you.:)   As for the HepC treatment, have you looked into public HepC clinics.  They are often together with HIV clinics. 

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