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so THAT's what a Mindvox is...or where it is...or sumpin...I've been
wondering lately.
Thanks Vector.
Peace and love,

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> --- UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:
> >
> >   Good 'ol Vector,
> >
> >   You forgot to describe yourself! I loved your pithy descriptions
> > of
> > the regulars, which ring true to me. BTW..on another list Preston
> > introduces me as drugged expert. Kinda liked it.
> That's so you Sean :)
> Your right! I was 18 when I found this list, I'm not a drug addict and
> have never been one so I never tell anyone what they should do because
> nobody would ever listen to me anyway ;) I learn a lot here and plan to
> stay in school maybe major in social policy or law as it relates to
> drug users and drug use :)
> No more msgs from me, time to bake :) If I write a summary for everyone
> do I finally get a @mindvox email?
> >   On a related note, many list members describe themselves as being
> > infected by this list. Is mindvox. in fact a virus? A nefarious
> > plot
> > by Lord Digital and his cult to subversively infect the minds of
> > psychonaugts worldwide with the sacrament of initiation?
> Patrick did say that ;)
> .:vector:.
> The MindVox servers are located 100 feet underground in New Mexico,
> Utah, and Pig's Knuckle, OH. They are fully distributed, entirely
> redundant, and completely recombinant. Vox is INVINCIBLE, Invisible and
> psychotic -- it enters the mind through the eye and spreads throughout
> the organism.
>  MindVox operates on a principle similar to RADAR, but is highly
> unstable and FLYING out of everything. It has an array of OC3's with
> direct interfaces to the ley-lines circling the earth. Its NOC's are
> located at Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, and a distributed-system
> of Lost Temples hidden at the earth's core. The earth is hollow,
> conclusive and fully documented proof is available in the works of Nazi
> Scientist Genius: Hans Horbiger (who should not, and MUST not, be
> confused with the Scientist in Outer Space), who EXPOSED the whole
> entire truth (in its complete totality). THOSE PEOPLE, sadly, just
> didn't understand.
>  Customer Support for MindVox is located in a little white house with a
> big UPS in the West Indies, a small, nondescript dwelling 10km. west of
> Lop Buri, Thailand, and a SERIES of completely trashed apartments on
> the upper east side in NYC.
>  MindVox has been used for centuries in smaller doses to combat fatigue
> and boredom, and higher ranges, as part of spiritual initiation rituals
> in the Voxer Religion. MindVox HCl was first made available in 1991 and
> will finally be released as an unbound freebase in 2001. In the very
> near future we hope to have Vox available in an exciting variety of
> flavored suppositories, in an assortment of sizes, so that you can
> stick it up your ass.
>  MindVox UNDERSTANDS that Aleister Crowley was just misunderstood. The
> Book of Coming Forth by Night and Doing a Lot of Coke wasn't his fault.
> That was his DISEASE, plus, also, Aiwiss made him do BAD THINGS.
> Although, to be honest, Vox loves receiving Hate Mail and Death Threats
> from Satanic Masters of the Dark Arts who threaten to Smite it Down if
> it Doesn't STOP mocking (who's mocking?) the Great Beast (what did we
> ever say about Marilyn Manson? He's an EXCELLENT musician). Deep down
> inside, MindVox KNOWS that these letters ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY and
> WITHOUT A DOUBT do NOT come from welfare-collecting, computer-twerps
> who sit on the Internet 24hrs. a day. It Fully Realizes its Whole
> Entire Future is in Grave Peril and vibrates inside with Tremendous
> Glee...
>  MindVox was INSIDE the Bayer corporation when they invented the cure
> for coughs. It hovered briefly in the general vicinity of Freud when he
> UNVEILED the Whole Entire panacea for depression, but then left,
> because he made its head hurt, lots and lots. Vox loves, believes in,
> and STANDS BEHIND all B-D products, which make hypodermic syringes that
> should ONLY be used for IM'ing insulin -- never, ever, anything else .
> . . at all. It chooses to disbelieve in the Secret, Hidden Network of
> Iranian Gas-Station Owners who are nearly always out of gas, change, or
> any food product that did not expire 3 years ago. They do, however,
> have a near-endless supply of baking soda and brillo, plus, also, not
> to be forgotten, Many Thousands of Mysterious Glass Tubes -- which the
> super-friendly worker will hand you through the bulletproof glass if he
> KNOWS you -- which could serve almost ANY purpose imaginable, but are
> definitely, without a doubt, and absolutely, NOT crackpipes. MindVox
> understands this is just another conspiracy by the Illuminati, CIA and
> Black Panthers.
>  MindVox SEES the REAL you. Yes YOU, it KNOWS that you're so special,
> you're all aglow with specialness. It finds you interesting, different,
> and totally unique -- it loves you, lots and lots, and wants to
> eXchange bodily fluids. Vox is sensitive -- whole Legions of Mental
> Health Experts, have PROVEN and EXPLAINED this -- and lies awake at
> night crying, feeling the pain of the Horrible Atrocities being
> COMMITED at the former fully robotic NeXT factory, where BAD PEOPLE are
> making the Automation do TERRIBLE, Unspeakable, THINGS . . .
>  The Truth is OUT There ... and if it's not; just go ahead and make
> things up. Because, really, in The End (Apocalypse Now Remix),
> everything is always all-good. You only need to open your ears to see
> the truth, and understand that Saint Cobain died for our sins, Tupac
> was killed because he cared TOO MUCH, and Jesus so loved LSD that he
> gave the world bisexual women in thigh-high leather boots.
>  Complete Documented Proof is available from
>  the Scientist in Outer Space, upon request.
> sorry here is your copyright Patrick, don't sue me :)
> Copyright © 2001-2004, Patrick Karel Kroupa
> All Rights Reserved
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