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--- UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:

>   Good 'ol Vector,
>   You forgot to describe yourself!  I loved your pithy descriptions
> of 
> the regulars, which ring true to me.  BTW..on another list Preston 
> introduces me as drugged expert.  Kinda liked it.

That's so you Sean :)

Your right! I was 18 when I found this list, I'm not a drug addict and
have never been one so I never tell anyone what they should do because
nobody would ever listen to me anyway ;) I learn a lot here and plan to
stay in school maybe major in social policy or law as it relates to
drug users and drug use :)

No more msgs from me, time to bake :) If I write a summary for everyone
do I finally get a @mindvox email?

>   On a related note, many list members describe themselves as being 
> infected by this list.  Is mindvox. in fact a virus?  A nefarious
> plot 
> by Lord Digital and his cult to subversively infect the minds of 
> psychonaugts worldwide with the sacrament of initiation? 

Patrick did say that ;) 



The MindVox servers are located 100 feet underground in New Mexico,
Utah, and Pig's Knuckle, OH. They are fully distributed, entirely
redundant, and completely recombinant. Vox is INVINCIBLE, Invisible and
psychotic -- it enters the mind through the eye and spreads throughout
the organism.

 MindVox operates on a principle similar to RADAR, but is highly
unstable and FLYING out of everything. It has an array of OC3's with
direct interfaces to the ley-lines circling the earth. Its NOC's are
located at Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, and a distributed-system
of Lost Temples hidden at the earth's core. The earth is hollow,
conclusive and fully documented proof is available in the works of Nazi
Scientist Genius: Hans Horbiger (who should not, and MUST not, be
confused with the Scientist in Outer Space), who EXPOSED the whole
entire truth (in its complete totality). THOSE PEOPLE, sadly, just
didn't understand.

 Customer Support for MindVox is located in a little white house with a
big UPS in the West Indies, a small, nondescript dwelling 10km. west of
Lop Buri, Thailand, and a SERIES of completely trashed apartments on
the upper east side in NYC.

 MindVox has been used for centuries in smaller doses to combat fatigue
and boredom, and higher ranges, as part of spiritual initiation rituals
in the Voxer Religion. MindVox HCl was first made available in 1991 and
will finally be released as an unbound freebase in 2001. In the very
near future we hope to have Vox available in an exciting variety of
flavored suppositories, in an assortment of sizes, so that you can
stick it up your ass.

 MindVox UNDERSTANDS that Aleister Crowley was just misunderstood. The
Book of Coming Forth by Night and Doing a Lot of Coke wasn't his fault.
That was his DISEASE, plus, also, Aiwiss made him do BAD THINGS.
Although, to be honest, Vox loves receiving Hate Mail and Death Threats
from Satanic Masters of the Dark Arts who threaten to Smite it Down if
it Doesn't STOP mocking (who's mocking?) the Great Beast (what did we
ever say about Marilyn Manson? He's an EXCELLENT musician). Deep down
inside, MindVox KNOWS that these letters ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY and
WITHOUT A DOUBT do NOT come from welfare-collecting, computer-twerps
who sit on the Internet 24hrs. a day. It Fully Realizes its Whole
Entire Future is in Grave Peril and vibrates inside with Tremendous

 MindVox was INSIDE the Bayer corporation when they invented the cure
for coughs. It hovered briefly in the general vicinity of Freud when he
UNVEILED the Whole Entire panacea for depression, but then left,
because he made its head hurt, lots and lots. Vox loves, believes in,
and STANDS BEHIND all B-D products, which make hypodermic syringes that
should ONLY be used for IM'ing insulin -- never, ever, anything else .
. . at all. It chooses to disbelieve in the Secret, Hidden Network of
Iranian Gas-Station Owners who are nearly always out of gas, change, or
any food product that did not expire 3 years ago. They do, however,
have a near-endless supply of baking soda and brillo, plus, also, not
to be forgotten, Many Thousands of Mysterious Glass Tubes -- which the
super-friendly worker will hand you through the bulletproof glass if he
KNOWS you -- which could serve almost ANY purpose imaginable, but are
definitely, without a doubt, and absolutely, NOT crackpipes. MindVox
understands this is just another conspiracy by the Illuminati, CIA and
Black Panthers.

 MindVox SEES the REAL you. Yes YOU, it KNOWS that you're so special,
you're all aglow with specialness. It finds you interesting, different,
and totally unique -- it loves you, lots and lots, and wants to
eXchange bodily fluids. Vox is sensitive -- whole Legions of Mental
Health Experts, have PROVEN and EXPLAINED this -- and lies awake at
night crying, feeling the pain of the Horrible Atrocities being
COMMITED at the former fully robotic NeXT factory, where BAD PEOPLE are
making the Automation do TERRIBLE, Unspeakable, THINGS . . .

 The Truth is OUT There ... and if it's not; just go ahead and make
things up. Because, really, in The End (Apocalypse Now Remix),
everything is always all-good. You only need to open your ears to see
the truth, and understand that Saint Cobain died for our sins, Tupac
was killed because he cared TOO MUCH, and Jesus so loved LSD that he
gave the world bisexual women in thigh-high leather boots.

 Complete Documented Proof is available from 
 the Scientist in Outer Space, upon request.

sorry here is your copyright Patrick, don't sue me :)

Copyright © 2001-2004, Patrick Karel Kroupa
All Rights Reserved

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