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Thu Aug 26 00:15:52 EDT 2004

Hi Lee and welcome to the ibogaine list. You walked into episode 4000
or more of the soap opera, it's all very confusing sometimes. G boy is
angry about some party where Patrick, Howard and Dana dissed him or
that's what it looks like. He posts messages and attacks Howard and
Patrick for no reason but not Dana.

Messianic authors who self publish books about ibogaine are always
welcome, unless Dana gets angry about it because he was there first.

Howard is Howard Lotsof


Patrick is harder to explain he's had a lot of lives, to use Dr. Mash's
words he's her son or something ;) He runs all this and shows up on TV
flashing his trackmarks.


Dana Beal takes more time to explain too, he's Dana.


Carla has been here longer then I have and I've been here for nearly 4
years. She's someone who got clean through ibogaine. Callie is a nice
person who hasn't done ibogaine yet. Shcmooly is someone from Miami who
is a friend of Patrick's and probably a MD who doesn't spell check.
Gboy is a burner from NY. Preston, Mark, Sean are all newly dosed
ibogaine people, but Preston has been on the list for years and runs
the Drug War list on MindVox and the drugwar site.


I forget who else has talked in the last day there are a lot of people
here. Nobody at all is going to listen to you when you tell them what
ibogaine is, most people here already have their own opinions and some
like Patrick and Howard have done it more times then most studies all
on their own.

We need a character guide for this channel :)


--- Lee Albert <myeboga at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi Patrick,
> I didnt realise until it was too late that that little friendly 
> exchange of emails was an attack on you fueled by jealousy no doubt.
> Just in case it wasnt clear I wasn't referring to you in my email. I 
> was refering to George Bush.
> The whole thing is comical actually.
> Sounds like you do good things.
> Lee
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