[ibogaine] what a load of bs

UUSEAN at aol.com UUSEAN at aol.com
Wed Aug 25 22:08:28 EDT 2004

Yo g,

One of the above mentioned people gave me the tip on where to get treated 
with ibogaine in an NY underground experiment.  Asked me not to mention getting 
the email tip form him, so I still don''t divulge who.

Also, I managed to get on this list before ever seeing mindvox. When I joined 
I knew nothing about Patrick or Mindvox,,,very poor self promotion form these 
self promoters don't you think?  While I appreciate that Patrick spends time 
and money running this list, I really don't know they guy.  He is providing a 
great service, in my opinion will say that.

As for Dr. Mash, I really feel as if I don't know her at all, because well, I 
don't.  Never spoke to her, inquired about her clinic, nothing.  Read her 
website once, that's about it.

As for Howard, he seems like a wise good man.  He certainly encourages no 
sort of fan club.

By the way...do you think Patrick runs the Harm Reduction Institute, and the 
Black Panthers?  They are currently studying ibo.  Oh yes, and the NY State 
addiction office is now saying very positive things about ibo too.  Oh yes, 
Patrick controls them as well.  I suppose he got the Bwiti goin too...being Lord 
digital and all.

Every Internet group needs a troll...you servo that purpose my dear g.  This 
is my last post to you most likely, though.  Mother always said, "Don't feed 
the trolls..."

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