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Wed Aug 25 21:37:09 EDT 2004

Hi Randy,

Form what I've heard:) the underground that landed in the New York metro area 
for example, did not just sell the shiznit and take off.  They asked for EKG, 
a liver panel where appropriate before considering selling ibo.  They called 
multiple times during treatment, and were available the whole time during 
treatment via telephone.  They also insisted that sitters be the kind of people 
who would not hesitate to take an ibo doser to an ER if appropriate.  And 
sitters were made aware of risks.

I think this may clam some of your concerns.  An ibo underground which drops 
the shit and runs could be pretty scary Imo.  BTW..the ibo underground used a 
sliding scale, going down to $400 if needed..so I have heard.:)


PS there will follow up by the ibo team which dosed NY.   And post ibo 
treatment is underway, again with help from the underground.  They really are damn 
good people who go by false names.
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