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Patrick already replied to you but to add something to it without
getting involved in all this because I don't think there's any problem
with anyone who promotes ibogaine. All you did whether any of it is
true or not, is accuse Patrick of exploiting himself to promote
ibogaine. What's that mean?

I'm not against your point which I think is true, you look up what
sites are crossed with this one and the list is

Phone Losers Of America
2600 - The Hacker Quarterly
Hacking In Progress
CCC - Chaos Computer Club
Microsoft :) who I think are looking for who is posting how to break
windows :)

I don't see any entheogen links either and I first found this site
years ago by looking at what happened to Mindvox, I've never been a
drug addict. That part is probably true, Patrick takes all that and
turns it into the ibogaine show, but what do you care? It's their
system, their reputation, LOD was him and Chris Goggins, then 6 or 7
people who all went to prison and the most famous 3 who keep going in
and out of prison :) Them and Kevin Mitnick who has stayed out of
prison after being there for 4 years with no trial.



"Voices in My Head: The Mindvox Overture by Patrick Kroupa
Mr. Kroupa's announcement of the creation of his new ISP caught a lot
of people off guard. The tack from which he made his announcement was
to harken back to the 1980's, and all the unique cultural forces at
work then, that expressed themselves on the modem. In many ways, he saw
a lot of what I've seen in terms of a need to preserve or maintain that
time in some fashion. He additionally saw a need to make those times
come back by creating Mindvox, his ISP by way of his company Phantom
Technologies. I know that mindvox was wildly successful for a time, but
the full story of its downfall escapes me. Meanwhile, this text still
survives and shows an amazing breadth of insight into the world of the
preceding decade. This document was reprinted everywhere, so it
definitely hit a nerve. I just wish we had a little more in our hands
to show for it."

It has a high hit rate because it's Mindvox, not because anyone is
looking for ibogaine and Patrick shoves ibogaine in the middle of all
of it. People promoting ibogaine are offensive to you personally why?

Patrick does get a huge amount of attention because he can write, it's
not bad for a 22 year old to go mainstream and end up with their words
all over Wired. It's too bad everyone in Mindvox destroyed it and now
when you look it up you get: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MindVox

"MindVox was an early- to mid-90's online community, which was also the
first Internet Service Provider in Manhattan. Featured in magazines
such as Wired, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker, MindVox attracted a
core of artists, writers, activists and luminaries such as Robert
Maplethorpe, Doug Rushkoff, John Perry Barlow, and Kurt Cobain before
spectacularly imploding when it's co-founders faced an eruption of
scandal, arrests, and trips to drug rehabs."

Patrick likes ibogaine, people I've seen posting here for years want
their work as part of it all, why does that offend you?


--- gboy at hush.com wrote:

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> greet but this is all a lot of bs. what all those
> links have in common is everysingle one of them is
> for Patrick Kroupa Lord Digital of LOD and Mindvox.
> Not ibogaine.
> - --- Roberta Lapiak wrote:
> > Is the person who wrote that still clean? There's no
> > email listed, that
> > magazine called Heroin Times when I search for it
> > died last year, putting
> > Patrick Kroupa into a search engine lists these
> >
> > http://www.nndb.com/people/552/000025477
> Patrick Kroupa, Lord digital of LOD, Mindvox,
> listed very last is ibogaine proponent. no other ibo
> person is listed anywhere at all because nobody cares.
> > http://deadpool.rotten.com/occupations/unspecified.html
> Patrick Kroupa, Lord Digital LOD, Mindvox, junkie.
> > http://www.namebase.org/xkri/Patrick-Kroupa.html
> Patrick Kroupa, Lord Digital, LOD, Mindvox hacker underground
> book.
> > http://www.kiblix.org/eng/lecturers/patrick.htm
> Patrick Kroupa, Lord Digital, LOD, Mindvox.
> No ibogaine. none. i rest my case, Nothing hits for
> that ever unless you enter ibogaine as the search.
> the best one for ibogaine from that kron story with
> the deborah and patrick show which everyone keeps
> copying, had the perfect title to it 'the cure for
> addiction: a nation shrugs'.
> That says it all, why does everybody contribute
> time and art and all to mindvox, because peeps are
> out for themselves. what does dave hunter write in
> his art pieces that go out in erowid, to lord digital
> and howard, what do all the h4xors who end up here
> because of mindvox say about it on other forums,
> 'the ibogaine promotional service formely known as
> mindvox' there isnt some huge crowd of peeps keep
> loading this because of ibogaine, they all come here
> for mindvox and mr. american badass lord digital,
> every link into this place except for mebbe 20 in all,
> is for mindvox not ibo. all those people who see
> everyones art and writing here are loading mindvox
> not looking for ibo and you run the 24 hour a day
> ibogaine commercial instead.
> All you do here patrick is run the Howard lotsoff
> fanclub while peeps who have been helping others in
> the underground for years get no props for it. They
> show up for mindvox, the whole front picture does
> nothing except load up a big ibogaine plant and dump
> everybody into right here and the howard lotsof show
> you dont even post here patrick.
> its all bs, everybody is only out for themselves,
> if any of you wanted to help ibo so much then patrick
> why dont you and fancher, the other 2 people in mindvox,
> get your parents to write a check. combine all their
> money together and all your parents are worth more then
> a billion. dont see any of them doing anything for ibo,
> I dont see any of your partners in mindvox care about ibo
> either. or dont write a check, only put a story in the
> village voice, it ran alot of stories about mindvox, it
> should, fancher's dad started the paper with norman
> mailer. get norman mailer to write a story. no never,
> why not? nobody cares, they load mindvox and get ibo.
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