what a load of bs

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Wed Aug 25 13:22:31 EDT 2004

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greet but this is all a lot of bs. what all those
links have in common is everysingle one of them is
for Patrick Kroupa Lord Digital of LOD and Mindvox.
Not ibogaine.

- --- Roberta Lapiak wrote:

> Is the person who wrote that still clean? There's no
> email listed, that
> magazine called Heroin Times when I search for it
> died last year, putting
> Patrick Kroupa into a search engine lists these
> http://www.nndb.com/people/552/000025477

Patrick Kroupa, Lord digital of LOD, Mindvox,
listed very last is ibogaine proponent. no other ibo
person is listed anywhere at all because nobody cares.

> http://deadpool.rotten.com/occupations/unspecified.html

Patrick Kroupa, Lord Digital LOD, Mindvox, junkie.

> http://www.namebase.org/xkri/Patrick-Kroupa.html

Patrick Kroupa, Lord Digital, LOD, Mindvox hacker underground

> http://www.kiblix.org/eng/lecturers/patrick.htm

Patrick Kroupa, Lord Digital, LOD, Mindvox.

No ibogaine. none. i rest my case, Nothing hits for
that ever unless you enter ibogaine as the search.
the best one for ibogaine from that kron story with
the deborah and patrick show which everyone keeps
copying, had the perfect title to it 'the cure for
addiction: a nation shrugs'.

That says it all, why does everybody contribute
time and art and all to mindvox, because peeps are
out for themselves. what does dave hunter write in
his art pieces that go out in erowid, to lord digital
and howard, what do all the h4xors who end up here
because of mindvox say about it on other forums,
'the ibogaine promotional service formely known as
mindvox' there isnt some huge crowd of peeps keep
loading this because of ibogaine, they all come here
for mindvox and mr. american badass lord digital,
every link into this place except for mebbe 20 in all,
is for mindvox not ibo. all those people who see
everyones art and writing here are loading mindvox
not looking for ibo and you run the 24 hour a day
ibogaine commercial instead.

All you do here patrick is run the Howard lotsoff
fanclub while peeps who have been helping others in
the underground for years get no props for it. They
show up for mindvox, the whole front picture does
nothing except load up a big ibogaine plant and dump
everybody into right here and the howard lotsof show
you dont even post here patrick.

its all bs, everybody is only out for themselves,
if any of you wanted to help ibo so much then patrick
why dont you and fancher, the other 2 people in mindvox,
get your parents to write a check. combine all their
money together and all your parents are worth more then
a billion. dont see any of them doing anything for ibo,
I dont see any of your partners in mindvox care about ibo
either. or dont write a check, only put a story in the
village voice, it ran alot of stories about mindvox, it
should, fancher's dad started the paper with norman
mailer. get norman mailer to write a story. no never,
why not? nobody cares, they load mindvox and get ibo.

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