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Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 11:16:41 EDT 2004

That's a great explanation Callie :-) 

What was a really interesting point that Curtis bought
up is ibogaine on demand. That expression has been on
and off here for years but something I have noticed in
everyone who has made it for a long time after
ibogaine and kept going and people who do it and then
don't for some reason is that part exactly. 

I keep looking for what the difference is between
someone who made it and when I started staying clean
my role model was Patrick because he was so messed up
and there isn't anyone I showed what he wrote to, who
said that someone like that could ever stay clean. I
thought if he could do it then it has to be possible
because he is doing it. 

Then there have been so many people here over the
years who come and go and  if I think about what the
one's who have lasted have in common is, what Patrick
wrote is really true it is all belief. When Preston
writes about what he's going through and where
anything is going in the future and how to keep that
going, that's true for me too.

I'm not all into doing ibogaine as much as some who
are here are, I am thrilled with everyone and it is so
neat to see people who have their lives back but the
hard part comes after what happens next month or in
two months when the ibogaine wears off totally.

My opinion is that from the people who I have seen
last, as different as they are and how much or little
they are messed up, what the ones who have in common
is exactly what Curtis wrote, they somehow have access
to ibogaine whenever they need it, or know they can
get it any time they want and that gives some kind of
mental edge to everything. 

That's what Howard keeps saying also, taking control
of ibogaine for yourself. Nothing ever is given you
take it and that applies to how you keep going and
also ibogaine I think. What separates the people I
know who have kept going from the ones who didn't, is
they aren't asking anyone else if its a clinic or
treatment or anything, what they can or should do and
they're not taking it by anyone else's rules except
their own rules. 

What it has in common is they have access to ibogaine
on demand :-) 

Patrick I love the People page, LMAO :-) Add
alchemist's lane that is a awesome title for what
everyone is doing :-) Maybe also what Steven suggested
which is adding a place for ibogaine group meetings

It's so cool to see everything going forward and keep

Love to everyone here and especially all the people in
NY right now who have taken control of ibogaine for
themselves :-)

Carla B

--- CallieMimosa at aol.com wrote:

> Hi Robert, It is hard to figure this 'place' out at
> first but  it is very 
> special and actually I don't think it important to
> try and figure it  out.
> There is a bond here between us all, even the folks
> who just  read and never 
> post. We are all alike and understand each other so
> well. We  understand 
> without having to say anything at all.
> I have seen only a couple of arguments but what
> family or group  doesn't 
> argue a bit. I think arguing or disagreeing is very
> important in  relationships. 
> It shows that they are true blue!
> I really hope you Keep coming back and will share or
>  debate if we can 
> eventually agree to disagree!
> Callie

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