[ibogaine] About NA after ibogaine. Long message PLEASE read!

Jasen Chamoun JasenHappy at optusnet.com.au
Wed Aug 25 03:21:23 EDT 2004

Hello Preston,
In my experience NA just makes me want to use.It has not and does not work
for me.

The only counceling that I have received any benefit from is Gestalt
counciling,although I am sure there are others also that work
well.A councilor that knows about Ibogaine would be fantastic.
                                With smiles Jasen.
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> >I've felt all that so many times but taking
> my own directions and doing what I wanted hasn't ever worked for me, which
> is where the 12 steps are right so far. Does it change after ibogaine?<
> Well, my own perceptions about myself and things in general are very
> different now, post ibo.
>     I've made my very first appointment to see someone, a counselor, who
> specializing in post-ibo, or at least, picking up on a few of us here in
> (I think) who are post ibo. I have never been into the idea of rattling
> my thoughts to strangers in a clinical setting (online in email or face to
> face in friendly settings sure, but clinical? Yuck!). So that's a big
> for me, going in to see this woman (Barbara Judd as a matter of fact,
> tomorrow afternoon.
> Weird.
>     So yeah, it seems to have change...although I think I've said that a
> times now already.
> Peace and love and best of thoughts to you Roberta.
> Preston

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