[ibogaine] I am the the god of cluck ! pt.2(Australia)

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> >ay.....I detoxed off Dilaudid in 1986 with Clonodine patches and Valium.
> was pretty sick about 8 to 10 days but piece of cake after that.<
> I could NOT do it on my own (kick the dilaudids) no matter what other
> I was pumping into myself when outta dilaudid, even when I had enough ms'
> lying about the place to keep the "real" sick away, I'd still be craving,
> sweating, itching, retching, cramping, shitting, etc, etc, until refilling
> the dilaudid scripts.
>     Now though, well, you understand.
> ;-)))
> Peace and love to all,
> Preston (got my Tuesday night gig dj'ing tonight on 6th st. for those in
> area with nothing to do, or that already have something to do they'd like
> duck outta and go do something more fun, like dance and hear my
> grin.)

So would you say that comming off dilauded is any worse than comming off
or is it very similar.As you know Dilauded is the closest thing to heroin in
the pharm'
                                              With smiles Jasen.

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