so much for email

Vector Vector vector620022002 at
Wed Aug 25 00:45:51 EDT 2004

Reading Mindvox the People section is up. It has counting up here 4
editors, 3 artists and 2 religions. Go superfreak! When are digital and
epoptica getting married and how does Dr. Mash feel about that/ ;) ;)
A MD, 3 phds, a chemist, system mismanagement :) Love this! awesome!

Go Superfreak! :) :) :) :)

Love the sacred power animal :)

Holy shit, I think everything has changed again :)

Put up the Tribe pages :) Yeah! 

Patrick you're brilliant and sick. I never thought I would see that
collection on one page :) I don't believe this. I don't belive this.

Go superfreak! :)

I think it became a lot simpler to find everyone's email :) I also
think the Temple came alive :)

Does this mean we can start to harass Jon Freedlander about email at
mindvox? :)

Jon I need a mailbox right now! Do you take bribes?
When does the worldwide Mindvox ibogaine dealership open? :) Never mind


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