[ibogaine] About NA after ibogaine. Long message PLEASE read!

Vector Vector vector620022002 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 23:45:44 EDT 2004

Yahoo destroyed most of my email from the last week when it put
everything into Bulk and I set it to delete :( I have
ibogaine at mindvox.com in my addressbook too, this is not the problem
yahoo destroyed all the settings when they did another upgrade with
netappliance :( How is hushmail for everybody who is on it here? I need
to switch, I don't care if I pay $30 or what the price is. 

That's the right email address, it takes Patrick months or even years
to answer his email ;) I think he has a lot of it. Mindvox has been
here forever. From what I've seen here in the years I've been reading,
I don't think Patrick exact way works for anyone but Patrick and maybe
Dave Hunter and could be Preston. The most crazy :) The part that I
think works for anyone is having enough belief in yourself, which is
what Patrick said in all that.


--- Roberta Lapiak <robertalapiak at hotmail.com> wrote:

> A famous people database, some ugly thing where they place bets on
> when  
> someone will die, a book on hacking, everything else is computer  
> hacking, security, heroin, ibogaine, a lecture on encryption, a  
> ibogaine tv show from 2004. No email I can find except everything
> leads  
> back to this place. Mindvox started in 1991? I didn't know the
> internet  
> was here in 1991.
> I tried digital at phantom.com and get nothing. This person posted here
> in  
> the last week, how do I ask a question? If thats the right email no
> one  
> responds to it.

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