[ibogaine] two more questions sorry for so many at once!

Roberta Lapiak robertalapiak at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 23:35:59 EDT 2004

Thanks for the information, before I keep asking more questions is there 
anywhere online that explains the difference between the two and why I would 
want to do one or the other? Is there any advantage to using one over the 
other to detox? Thank you.

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>In a message dated 8/24/04 7:35:32 PM, robertalapiak at hotmail.com writes:
><< I don't mean to post so many messages all at once but I'm trying to  
>up. Someone wrote me email which I can't find now inside all the  messages
>from this list saying ibogaine and iboga are not the same thing. What  is 
>difference please?
>How dangerous is ibogaine can it hurt you? >>
>When the term iboga is used it is generally applied to mean the plant
>Tabernanthe iboga or a total alkaloid extract of the plant.  Ibogaine  is a 
>alkaloid found in the plant that has been purified and identified as  
>and proposed as the principal active ingredient in the plant.  There  have 
>iboga and ibogaine related fatalities.
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