[ibogaine] About NA after ibogaine. Long message PLEASE read!

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Tue Aug 24 21:12:38 EDT 2004

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<< What I also wanted to ask is if this is true of how addiction works for 
of the other people who talk here? I don't see anyone talking about their 
disease or listing off the steps. Can other people stay clean like this? The 
whole text comes away with that if you believe then you can do it. I don't 
know if I believe I don't think I do because i never have, how do you find 
so much belief. Does ibogaine help with this?

Sorry for the dumb questions I'm new to this and wondering how many of you 
here hold together. I agree so much with everything I read in these and have 
spent a lot of time re reading. I've felt all that so many times but taking 
my own directions and doing what I wanted hasn't ever worked for me, which 
is where the 12 steps are right so far. Does it change after ibogaine?

Ibogaine is the active ingredient that makes change possible where it was not 
probable before.

There are no guarantees but, as you can see from this list a lot of people 
are sitting up amazed.  It is just not possible to conceptualize the effects of 
ibogaine before  experiencing it.


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