[ibogaine] I am the the god of cluck ! pt.2(Australia)

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Dear Callie,
Iwould say the sight that Howard gave me acouple of days ago on the list.Thank you for your experiences.I wish there was someone here that would prescribe Dilaudid.

I am tossing up whether to go to Mexico or Italy to do the treatment.The good thing about Italy is that I have a good loving environment with my daughters family that I can stay with.
                                                  With appreciating and smiles Jasen (Australia)
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    I would assume it would not be as stressing to the body to come off dialauded as it is the 'done.
    Of course no come down is easy,..ay
  ay.....I detoxed off Dilaudid in 1986 with Clonodine patches and Valium. I was pretty sick about 8 to 10 days but piece of cake after that. Stayed clean 6 months in NA then relapsed for the last time....not stopping opiates until 1998 when I got on Methadone. That brings me up to present.
  Been talking Ibogaine up at the clinic. Everyone you mention Ibogaine to is so fascinated! I am thinking of having some business cards printed with a few Ibogaine links on them. Which ones do you think have the most information for someone who has never heard of Ibogaine before?

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