[ibogaine] About NA after ibogaine. Long message PLEASE read!

Roberta Lapiak robertalapiak at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 20:27:02 EDT 2004

This is all very different I have a lot of respect for whoever lived all 
this. I wanted to ask if it is ok to print these and share them with other 
people who are on methadone at the clinic I go to? I know they are copyright 
but I won't change them in anyway.

What I also wanted to ask is if this is true of how addiction works for many 
of the other people who talk here? I don't see anyone talking about their 
disease or listing off the steps. Can other people stay clean like this? The 
whole text comes away with that if you believe then you can do it. I don't 
know if I believe I don't think I do because i never have, how do you find 
so much belief. Does ibogaine help with this?

Sorry for the dumb questions I'm new to this and wondering how many of you 
here hold together. I agree so much with everything I read in these and have 
spent a lot of time re reading. I've felt all that so many times but taking 
my own directions and doing what I wanted hasn't ever worked for me, which 
is where the 12 steps are right so far. Does it change after ibogaine?

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>To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
>Subject: [ibogaine] About NA after ibogaine. Long message PLEASE read!
>Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 22:13:58 -0700 (PDT)
>So sorry if this goes through twice yahoo is not
>working too well tonight :-(
>I really to be honest find this place more useful for
>clearing my head and finding people to talk with then
>anywhere I've ever been. It's like a cross between a
>temple, information network I don't even know what
>it's been said better then I can say it already but it
>is full of people from all over the world who don't
>say they're not judgemental but really aren't! I've
>never found that before. I have been here almost since
>it started but way back then it was not this huge
>group like it is now it was much smaller and ibogaine
>wasn't everywhere like it's starting to be.
>What I read and even looked up are the articles
>Patrick was writing for Heroin Times when he first got
>clean. I asked that someone collect them and put them
>online yearssssss ago and after 2 years or so Patrick
>finally got around to it ;-)
>I love them because they are written while he is
>getting clean for the first time ever in his life and
>it's so cool to watch this unfolding and happening for
>two years. What it starts filled with is so much rage
>and hate from somebody who is obviously so smart and
>sooooo mad.
>What I am saying is both you Patrick who are a walking
>anti 12-step group all by yourself and Dave, did write
>a sane article about how to get the most out of the 12
>steps. The two of you did this and I give both of you
>so much credit for that, you especially Patrick
>because you admitted you couldn't do it because you
>never found anything good about the 12 steps so you
>did it with Dave!

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