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Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 17:15:55 EDT 2004

Hi Callie,
No, the whole thing was just a joke with a pic to make people laugh.  I believe that laughter can be the best medicine.  Hey, no side effects unless you have some broken ribs, then it can hurt to laugh.
But seriously, if I was a doc I think I would like to have you on my staff.  You have spent a lot of time helping people on this site.   You also give good advice and many times offered to help people.  I think this site helps MANY people.  For example, look at the experience of the people on the site.  You have all kinds of drug users that used to use or are using drugs or trying to find a way to stop using drugs.  Where else can you ask a question and get the truth?  Where else can you ask a question and a person will say don't try that, I did and it messed me up or did this or that?  Ya can't go to the government for an honest answer they will run something like Refer Madness on ya.  Besides the truth about drugs, you get a lot of people offering support and wishing you well.  I think going through this site is far more supportive than than any NA or OtherA meeting.  We have many people from different walks of life with varying viewpoints and while people sometimes disagree
 usually respect and understanding is shown.  Me, I like to make people laugh, I was one of the best class clowns.  
Thanks for writing Callie and please continue to do what your doing for I am sure you are appreciated by many.  Several times you have gave me food for thought.  But if you really want to be a doc I think I will start the Jim Hadey Internet Doctor School.  For $250 you get a list of books to read, and we will use the honor system.  When your done you get a M.D. diploma printed out personaly on my Lexmark printer, and for another $25 you get a pad of scripts with your name, address and phone number on it and we'll even get you a DEA number.  You can say good bye to the met clinic and write your own Rx.  But when I was talking to my doc I asked what would you take for severe pain and we talked a little and he told me that a doc can not write out a Rx for himself if it is a controlled substance.  A doc in Florida said the same thing only he said that it can not be for a schedule II drug.  But you can make the scripts out to me and we can split, whatya think?
>>>  What kind of Doctor are you?  <<<  I would say compassionate and understanding.  I would be cool but within reason.  For example, why have a person on methadone when you could give him something, anything, that is eaiser to kick.  He or she would be better off coming to me once or twice a month and getting their met than at a clinic.  They would be allowed to keep their dignity and not have to jump through hoops or worrying about having to pee clean or lose their take home priviledges.  I would also be able to take care of any other medical problem they may have like high blood pressuer, heart problems, etc.  I would like to think I would be decent and understanding and open minded.  But, as you know, it is hard with the DEA breathing down your back and the HMOs rejecting everything, even thou they are not there and now nothing about the case.
Take care,
  - JIM

CallieMimosa at aol.com wrote:
Hey Doc Hadley, Can you hook me up with this course you took?
I am working on a Medical Transcription thing but Doctor sounds much more appealing!
Seriously though, congrats! Can you tell me a little bout what you gonna do now. What kind of Doctor are you?

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