[ibogaine] Day 29...

Brad Fisher brad.fisher at guaranty.com
Tue Aug 24 13:55:42 EDT 2004

I am now 52 my youngest daughter graduated from Hi School this spring, as
you can see I had responsibilities and was surrounded with reasons to make
it work, probably much different situation. Make no mistake I was a glutton
to the end and still could be. I really wanted to have my youngest daughter
have a good environment. I have known for some time that now is when my
challenge will really begin, my children are grown and mostly on their own.
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  Thanks Brad. I too know that feeling of being on meth and feeling (almost)
normal and actually I was thinking back last night on my life on methadone
and remembered that when I got on my first program I needed to have a
special letter from the state approving the treatment because I was only 16
so I've been struggling with this for as long as I can remember. That first
period on meth was joke and I I just ended up shooting more dope and coke
but the second time around maybe 4 years later for me was very different I
was tired and I really wanted to stop and I do admit it did the trick for a
while. I went back to school and got my shit together but as I look back on
it now it was a lie and that (almost normal) feeling eventually brought me
right back out because as we both know being on a meth program eventually
makes you feel just about the furthest thing from normal especially if
you've been able to put your life together in o ther areas. Well that was my
experience anyway. Good luck and thank you again and be in touch any time.

  Brad Fisher <brad.fisher at guaranty.com> wrote:
    Congratulations "M", I have followed your journey, waited for your
"return" and am happy for you. It was 9 years ago next week, the last time I
came out of a Rehab. and was drug free. All of your descriptions have
reminded me of those feelings and thoughts, I never took it as serious as it
is. The past 5 years MMT has stabilized my life and got me thinking I'm
normal, we know better. You and Preston have given me new hope and probably,
many others.

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      Well I think today makes 29 days since I had any dope or meth and it
feels great. Its actually my birthday today, which I've always hated because
it was more a reminder of anything else that I have been addicted for
another year. (first did dope on the day after my birthday 12 years ago) But
its a new day. I feel like life is just beginning again and life is getting
a little better everyday and the only thing that could fuck that up now is
by putting any kind of opiate back into my system. I am allergic, simple as
that. Break out in detoxes and handcuffs and all that shit. Ya gotta admit
some of the little NA slogans are right on.
      I slept almost 9 hours last night which was amazing. Still have a few
chills here and there and my bowel is still very loose. But it keeps getting
a little better everyday and I feel myself getting stronger and stronger and
looking better and better everyday.
      I can't tell you all what a difference its made to keep close to the
movement and the treatments. I feel as long as I stay connected in that
aspect and stay close to the spirit (if you like) I couldn't imagine ever
going backwards.
      Good vibes to all and keeping good thought's for everyone in the pool
right now. -M.

      jon grocott <sjonnygee at msn.com> wrote:
        Hi Jasen,
                  the reason dialaudid is prescribed in this case is because
of severe pain, most doctors don't prescribe it for any other reason. It's
ironic though to use strong opiates to help get off methadone, I've thought
about it myself before. .......... Jon.

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        >Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 18:29:23 +1000
        >   Dear list,
        >   Wow,I can't believe that docters are prescribing dialaudid,this
is fantastic.I think it would be a good way to come off methadone.
        >   By taking dil' for say..,3 months,so by then the (most of) the
done is out of your system,and comming off would be so much easier.(I am not
telling you anything here that most of you wouldn't already know.)
        >   I wish docters over here were prepared to do that. I think the
government and medical proffesion here is quite anal concerning addiction
        >   Other than that,we have a pretty good system of government and
good docters,it's just a pity they're not very open minded concerning
addiction.Also a pity that big business,such as pharm' companies are so mega
money orientated.If only......
        >   If I could transfer onto dialaudid for three months,..wow,..not
to get off,but to help get off the done.Although feeling full never goes
        >   I would assume it would not be as stressing to the body to come
off dialauded as it is the 'done.
        >   Of course no come down is easy,..ay.
        >                                                         Jasen

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