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Tue Aug 24 12:29:15 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/24/04 11:08:42 AM, mcorcoran27 at yahoo.com writes:

<< Well I think today makes 29 days since I had any dope or meth and it feels 
great. Its actually my birthday today, which I've always hated because it was 
more a reminder of anything else that I have been addicted for another year. 
(first did dope on the day after my birthday 12 years ago) But its a new day. 
I feel like life is just beginning again and life is getting a little better 
everyday and the only thing that could fuck that up now is by putting any kind 
of opiate back into my system. I am allergic, simple as that. Break out in 
detoxes and handcuffs and all that shit. Ya gotta admit some of the little NA 
slogans are right on. 
I slept almost 9 hours last night which was amazing. Still have a few chills 
here and there and my bowel is still very loose. But it keeps getting a little 
better everyday and I feel myself getting stronger and stronger and looking 
better and better everyday.  
I can't tell you all what a difference its made to keep close to the movement 
and the treatments. I feel as long as I stay connected in that aspect and 
stay close to the spirit (if you like) I couldn't imagine ever going backwards. 
Good vibes to all and keeping good thought's for everyone in the pool right 
now. -M. >>

Dear Mark,

The Dutch ibogaine self-help movement immediately recognized the importance 
of an ibogaine community. I guess the Bwiti have also.  Charles Kaplan was a 
sociologist who observed the Dutch ibogaine community and wrote an early but, 
interest article on these matters.  See http://ibogaine.org/wellness.html

It was great meeting you and I can tell you I found it absolutely uplifting.  
And, happy birthday.

Regards as always,


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