[ibogaine] making history at the pain doc's in NYC

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<<              If my health issues never arise under other circumstances, 
now with Ibogaine? I understand they do not wish to be responsible for a 
tragedy but we had already discussed this. They wish to still discuss this 
crap ad 
nauseum. Please be honest and objective, not a total, super Professional 
obligated to quote the status Quo medical disclaimer. Should I be worried? >>

Medical disclaimers do not stop civil or criminal actions.  That your health 
issues never arise under other circumstances may simply indicate that other 
circumstances to not warrant a review of your health status or simply lack of 
responsibility in some cases where a review should have occurred.   None of the 
autopsies of any ibogaine-related fatality indicated the cause of death.  Two 
of the deceased had prior cardiac events or conditions.  A key question is 
what did your EKG show.  You should have a report to indicate what it showed.  
The fact that you have diabetes and controlled high blood pressure are all 
issues.  What does your medical doctor say about your EKG?? Ibogaine is an 
experimental medication and its actions not fully understood. Under appropriate 
circumstances your ibogaine provider would have you wear an EKG halter to monitor 
your heart during a 24 hour period at low dose ibogaine and then determine if 
there may be indications not to treat.  On the other hand if you have a cardiac 
disorder you should, if at all, only be treated in a medical environment with 
the approval of a medical doctor. The issue with ibogaine as with all 
medications is not the 999999 patients who will be OK but the 1 who won't.

I am not a doctor and cannot provide you with medical advice. Ibogaine is a 
powerful medication and yes, you should be concerned as to its actions.


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