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Dear Howard,
Thankyou,I totaly understand.The information you supplied is great.Thankyou.
                                                       With smiles Jasen
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> >***Dear Howard,I have kindly recieved some responses to my
> >is the best place to go for treatment with Ibogaine".
> >You seem to be the main man on this list,I ask you ...please,Where do you
> >think is the best place for someone to recieve treatment and with which
> >group?
> Dear Jasen,
> The question you pose is one I rarely answer.  The answer is best left to
> those who are seeking treatment.  To read widely on ibogaine.  To question
> providers they should care to make inquiries of.  You have to best
determine the
> risks and benefits of any provider. There are those on this list that will
> respond to you and I will have to leave it to that.  I only one of the
> talkative persons on this list at the moment.
> There is a list of some ibogaine providers available at
> however, I am uncertain if
treatments are still being
> provided in Italy.  If you look into it and get an answer let us know.
> There are so many variables and so many possible outcomes in ibogaine
> and that is what anyone seeking ibogaine should understand.  Elimination
> opioid withdrawal is virtually a given or almost that.  Then it is the
> question of what comes after ibogaine.  And that depends very much on whom
> the patient.  You also have to look at the possibility of general benefit
> the patient in spite of and beyond any stopping of drug use.  Sorry I
cannot be
> of more help.
> Howard

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