[ibogaine] making history at the pain doc's in NYC

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Tue Aug 24 04:38:48 EDT 2004

Good Morning Howard. I am not writing you on this subject matter. I am 
supposed to be doing the Ibogaine today. Now, all of a sudden, the people wish to 
speak with me face to face about ALL the health risks involved. Now, I think 
this is very responsible but even after I spoke with you on the phone and with 
Eric, I am getting the feeling there is something I am not being told re: the 
effects (physiological) of Ibo. I don't think I am being paranoid. 

             I specifically remember you saying more people die from 
methadone and after research I discovered this to be true re: many of the drugs on the 
market. I was under the belief that there were only 4 KNOWN deaths after 
Ibogaine use. 2 were due to their using narcotics at the same level pre ibogaine 
thus ODing would be expected and the other two were cardiac related, one had 
surgery, the other was heart disease.

             I really do appreciate the concern on their part but what the 
fuck is the big deal? What does Ibogaine do to the body that is so intense that 
you must be in great shape to do it. My EKG showed something I had been asked 
about when I had my amputation and my motorcycle accident. They asked me if I 
ever had a heart attack. I told them I had no idea but it certainly could be 
possible during my crack days. There were times I got so obsessed with chasing 
that high that I did it so much in a night, day after day that maybe I had one 
but didn't know. Also, I am a diabetic with controlled blood sugar now and my 
blood pressure was 140/90 before I began medicine. Now it is normal. These 
are my health issues. Is there really need to be concerned with all the shit I 
have done and will do? 

             If my health issues never arise under other circumstances, why 
now with Ibogaine? I understand they do not wish to be responsible for a 
tragedy but we had already discussed this. They wish to still discuss this crap ad 
nauseum. Please be honest and objective, not a total, super Professional 
obligated to quote the status Quo medical disclaimer. Should I be worried?


P.S. Anyone else may reply of course but I needed someone who has alot of 
medical knowledge/experience obviously.   
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