[ibogaine] I am the the god of cluck ! pt.2

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Mon Aug 23 20:54:02 EDT 2004

Hey Jonny,

I hope your ibo treatment works for you because you want to get clean. If it 
promotes the greater cause of ibogaine, great, (and I think it is really great 
how word is spreading to the professionals) but the bottom line is you will 
be clean.

And if these folks are at all scientific, if unfortunately your treatment 
does not "work" the first time out, they will know that one person does not a 
scientific study make.

On the topic of professionals and ibogaine, I told my shrink that I took 
ibogaine.  He had never heard of it. After putting it in my chart, he wanted my 
provider's phone number.  He was pissed off that I went off my anti depressants 
for a week prior to taking ibo, and wanted to tell them off for not stopping 
me from doing so. I explained that that my providers were long gone, and all 
phone numbers I had are all cut off.  His asst. called that night and asked if I 
had any contact number, as the Dr. was still very concerned about their lack 
of professionalism.  So, sadly telling folks in the helping professions does 
not always have the happy results that you and Preston had.

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