[ibogaine] I am the the god of cluck ! pt.2

Maya Fellaheen maya_fellaheen at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 16:18:46 EDT 2004


Cool- great news!  When are you planning to dose?  I
just received confirmation that my Ibo will be here by
Friday, at the latest, so the weekend is looking great
for me!!  SO excited!!

My methadone doctor is a sarcastic, jaded old fool,
and has COMPLETELY DISMISSED every comment I have made
about Ibogaine, calling it 'witchdoctor crap', a
placebo sold by charlatans, etc....ad infinitum.

I can't wait to (hopefully) prove him wrong.  Based on
my personal experiences, I hope to change a few
people's minds also.  I'm sure when insulin was
introduced, there were more than a few naysayers,

Good luck, Jon, and drop me a line.....


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