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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Mon Aug 23 14:36:23 EDT 2004

please disregard this note as I realized I already said all this basically
in a previous note, and I'm beginning to bable.
V keeps telling me I'm talking too fast.
Peace and love,


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> Callie wrote >The Iboga Gods must be proud and smiling.<
> I hope so. And they seem to be.
> I've booked more tv/film work for tomorrow (just background so I don't do
> too much for not that much money, but it's easy- if one considers sitting
> around all day, hurrying up and waiting to go work hurridly for however
> minutes/hour after being on set all freakin day not doing too much- it is
> incredibly exhausting actually, and I have always dreaded it- until
> now that I know I can do it all day on two, maybe 3 pills total, and even
> that's doubtful) on a new tv show called Joey Zero (or Johnny Zero) which
> also worked on the pilot of- and made Golden Time (LOL, I realized late
> night that's where I pulled that phrase to describe just-post-ibo
> from working on set for SAG productions- if I work 16 hours, I get an
> nuther day's pay at exactly what I've made in the first, meaning all the
> over time, time and a half and double time, smoke pay, wet pay, wardrobe-
> almost always get to wear my own stuff, meaning I get paid for that, and I
> made damn good money on that set last time, I mean really really good
> for me and how I usually make it- in dribs and drabs), meal penalties if
> any, LOL, it could turn out lucrative again- although I could settle just
> well for a quick morning shoot that is over fast. I don't really enjoy
> background work much, but I'm more into lately, I gotta say. And as broke
> and uninterested right this second on doing much "reporting" per se, I
> pay rent.
>     I also auditioned today for some big national print ad, but we and
> won't know who they're picking until mid-Sept, so that's yet another hurry
> up and wait type situation. Still, those ibo gods do seem to be smiling at
> me- I am getting a little nervous talking about how smooth or at least
> things are progressing lately, not wanting to jinx myself or set myself up
> for a huge mood/spirit fall when something, as it eventually will, goes
> fucked up and wasted.
>     Anyway, things are good nonethe less.
> Peace and love to all,
> Preston
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> In a message dated 8/23/2004 1:37:28 AM Central Daylight Time,
> ptpeet at nyc.rr.com writes:
> just discovered the website owned by the publishers of my upcoming
> book have linked to my ibogaine story- and this site gets incredibly HUGE
> hit rates, so I'm more than pleased. See link below, and check out the
> of http://www.disinfo.com. Make sure to search out the archives too, as
> that's where you'll find most of my past work (among the many others who
> publish(ed) there) expressly for them, on lots and lots of topics both
> related and not so too.
> Oh how cool!! Way to go Preston! Wish I could give you a high five!
> It amazes me how things happen just when they are suppose to! The timing
> perfect!
> The Iboga Gods must be proud and smiling.
> Callie
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