[ibogaine] making history at the pain doc's in NYC

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Mon Aug 23 12:37:45 EDT 2004


You are making medical history and your doc can tell patients about ibogaine 
as experimental medication.  A key things to do would be to send him/her a 
copy of the Academic Press book edited by Alper and Glick, "Ibogaine: Proceedings 
of the First International Conference".  As one of the authors dana can get a 
30% discount by placing at order for  you by calling 1 800 782-4927.  This 
discount is for authors only.  It is a great book and just the kind doctors 
really like, especially when you sign it for him for his good work. I am not sure 
if a credit card will be needed or not and it can be mailed directly to you I 

In a message dated 8/23/04 9:37:59 AM, ptpeet at nyc.rr.com writes:

>    So, I think I mighta just made history- I certainly did for my own
>personal history.
>    I had called my pain doc's office last week, Thursday or Friday to
>reschedule this morning's appointment, but changed the appointment to
>Wednesday thinking I'd still possibly not be up to an office visit this
>morning. But not having been able to sleep actually last night (I crashed
>pretty hard for a few hours after our park adventure), so I decided to
>go out and visit him anyway.
>    First I saw one of the assistant doctors, who is kinda in training
>I think, as she usually ok's the scripts with my doc before handing them
>to me. She came out, grabbed my chart and called me into her office. She 
>me on the way if it was ok with me to see her or if I prefered to see my
>own regular doc.
>    "I really do need to speak to Dr. M," I told her, "but to be very
>honest, I'd love for you to sit in and hear what I have to say."
>    "Why don't you tell me, and we'll fill him in when he gets in, which
>should be in just a couple more minutes."
>    So, I entered her office, and launched into it.
>    "Um, well, see, I need my pill script drastically reduced, to 3
>dilaudids a day and stay at the 2 ms-contins a day, please."
>    "But you were on 12 a day? You want to drop to 3 A DAY now?" She was
>amazed and very curious.
>    So me and my big mouth told her all about ibogaine. Not about who was
>doing it here in NYC (I told them specifically I wasn't going to tell them
>that part) and that it is an illegal treatment in the US, but not in
>numerous other countries, many of which I named. My own doc asked how he
>can tell people about it if it's illegal in the US, but immediately answered
>himself saying, "I guess I could just mention it."
>    She wrote ibogaine down on the bedpaper cover, NOT IN MY CHART, telling
>my doc she'd not entered "ibogaine" on my chart, because, well, it is
>    My doc immediately began looking it up online, first pulling up "Healing
>Transitions- detoxing and addiction treatment with Ibogaine" instead of
>the NY State Alcohol and Substance Abuse page I tried to get them to visit
>first. I also told my own doc about Deborah Mash, mainly because of all
>of us, she (I think) has the most credentials and has done copious amounts
>of research through the U Miami, if I'm remembering and getting my facts
>straight- I also mentioned the Ibogaine Dossier, because there are many
>links to legit medical studies, right?
>    They were both very, very intrigued, obviously impressed with both
>my appearance and glee, and were both planning on doing more research. They
>neither one ever heard of it, and both asked me why they hadn't- so
>reiterated that it is illegal here, and because it is so difficult to
>believe that it works as advertised, it's hard to get real medical interest
>going- but that they could look at me and continue to follow me as usual
>and they'd see just how effecting it CAN BE for some folk, like say, oh, me.

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