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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
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>So many people advise against doing the session at home, but some do give
good input as to ways of doing it at home.<

In my own case, doing it at home would have been the very best of any place
I coulda picked, and was.
But this is just me- I don't have a using relationship or even really a
"codependent" relationship beyond the typical "we're married just not with
rings and papers" type relationship.
    I have a lot to keep my mind occupied if I just get off my ass and
follow through.
    Therefore, for me, It was the best decision I coulda ever made, to do it
at home- surrounded by loving vibes, my own vibes, my music, and all my cats
and V.
    For others that might not be the case, as they might have to escape a
using environment, or relationship or somesuch instance related to this.
    Best wishes and luck
Peace and love,

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Why did you take the Ibogaine for 7 (or 8 or 9) days in a row?  I'm assuming
you weren't taking a full "therapeutic" dose, every day that week, but that
maybe you took the equivalent of 1 or 2 doses, divided over that week+.
Either way, did you take your doses that way because of the Methadone you'd
been taking?  I know Methadone complicates things when switching to
Suboxone. Is that the case with Ibogaine too?

One reason I ask, is I've been trying to figure out a way to swing Ibogaine,
yet make sure I make it a beneficial experience, rather than just "getting
some".  Recently, I had the thought that, assuming I manage to find a way to
go to Amsterdam for a good treatment/experience, I should find a way to at
least get a "test dose", to do at home, to make sure I don't get an allergic
reaction to the Iboga.  It would really suck to get everything in place, fly
half way across the world, just to find out I can't do the therapy, because
of a reaction to the med.  Then I had the thought that maybe I could just
divide the "full therapeutic dose", into a number of more manageable doses,
for me to take over the course of a few days.

In the couple of contacts I had with Sara, from Sara's House, I really have
a positive feeling about going over there for the treatment.  I just don't
know how I can afford it.  Even if it were advisable for me to take the
"full" dose up front, I really feel comfortable at my "office", at home, and
have a wife that's an RN, who would be willing to be my "sitter".  Although
she has never gotten into any recreational drugs, after all the research she
and I have done on Ibogaine, she admits that she's fascinated enough that,
under the right circumstances, she'd be tempted to try a dose suitable for
"Spiritual Enlightenment".

For now, I'm just about to do my last line of Oxycontin, and get to go
through those wonderful, clammy, sweaty, burning, etc, withdrawals, followed
by, when I think I'm ready, that nasty old Suboxone.  Don't get me wrong,
this stuff works great for many people, but I'm not one of them.  I just
don't like it, and although it takes away a lot of my withdrawals, it seems
to take 3-4 days before most of my discomfort is behind me.  I actually made
it for 5 full weeks, on just the Suboxone, from the end of March, till the
start of May, but never more than 2 1/2 days at a time, after that.  I
really had myself set on Ibogaine being my next treatment, but I just
couldn't go on anymore; my dosage is now double what it ever was, before
that, and 10 - 80mg Oxy's a day was bad enough, 20 - 25 a day is ludicrous.
My habit is enough to kill an average family of six, with enough left over
for an uncle or two.

I'm hoping I can last long enough, and get energetic enough, to resolve this
issue of where to do the treatment, and to take the steps to get there.  So
many people advise against doing the session at home, but some do give good
input as to ways of doing it at home.  Now the problem of where to get a
trustworthy supply, with some detailed steps to take (dosing, etc).  I've
gotten blood work done, and my liver and kidneys are in surprisingly good
shape, and I will be getting a follow-up/more detailed, set of blood work
done, this week.  I'm going to make arrangements for an EKG this week too,
but I think everything should check out ok.  I really like the idea of
Sara's House, but just the flight would cost $1,500 - $2,200, which would
really drag out the date of when I could get it done.

Any thoughts/input, is greatly appreciated. Sorry for going on for so long;
I'm just tense because I know withdrawal will be setting in later this

PS: I've seen a few people mention that the longer you hold off taking the
Suboxone after quitting your DOC, the greater your relief will be. I know I
wait long enough to avoid the Sub causing me to go into acute withdrawal,
but does anyone think that waiting longer will give me better relief?  I've
also heard that if you take the Sub right after stopping DOC, letting it put
you into agonizing, acute, withdrawal, that you'll get all the suffering
over with, in about 12 - 24 hours, and that you won't need anything else
after that, because the physical dependence (as far a WD is concerned), is
alleviated within that day of suffering. Even if it's true, I don't know if
I could handle it ... I'm a real sissy about this kind of pain.

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There is no doubt about it, I am determined to change my life in just about
every area imaginable. For me, and I am very careful about starting off like
that after witnessing a few sessions,and giving my own input before hand,
but anyway for me, I took Ibogaine for 7 days in Mexico and then I went to
California for a week and then on the 9th day off I was still feeling some
residual withdrawal, but keep in mind that I was on a shit load of
methadone, anyway I came back home and took 1/3 of the dose I was taking in
Mexico for two days and I truly believe that second or 8th and 9th dose got
me over the hump and cleaned up that residual withdrawal because I think it
was that next day that I started running. Actaully the first dose back at
home was the night I met you. :o)
 The lack of sleeping as you can imagine is wearing but not close to as
wearing as any day out there shooting dope. I'm back to getting maybe 5
hours but no matter what time I go to sleep I wake up at 7:00 am. I got home
at 4 last night and same thing like clockwork 7:00 and I'm up. And I was
never an early riser as you can imagine.
So yeah, my plan is to wait another 5 or 6 weeks and then do a full
therapeutic dose one last time and my main reason is that I feel like I was
really close to going to that next level, it was as if I could reach out and
touch it but I couldn't get there. I think and maybe I'm wrong, but if I
have a clean body and a completely open heart and mind this time I might get
there.  Has it crossed my mind that like everything else I've done, do I
want to do more for the sake of doing more, but thats honestly not it at
all. Its a very arduous thing and obvious not for kicks but I think one more
visit might do me a whole lot of good.
Look forward to seeing you on friday.  -M.

UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:

Hey Preston,

Props for taking another trip so soon.  I was told that fruit is really the
best thing while getting back to food, so stick the melons and berries. It's
so damn clear that you want to change your life man, and you're doing it.  I
was thinking of dosing again next year, maybe in Holland.  I found the
dosing itself so unpleasant that I couldn't imagine going again so soon.
You are one brave dude!

Marc, you redosed again too!  Again, much respect. Same goes for you. You
really fucking want to change your life, and you are doing it.

Maybe I will see you guys Friday at the post ibo group thing.


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