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In a message dated 8/22/04 7:52:22 PM, JasenHappy at optusnet.com.au writes:

>***Dear Howard,I have kindly recieved some responses to my question,"Where
>is the best place to go for treatment with Ibogaine".

>You seem to be the main man on this list,I ask you ...please,Where do you
>think is the best place for someone to recieve treatment and with which

Dear Jasen,

The question you pose is one I rarely answer.  The answer is best left to 
those who are seeking treatment.  To read widely on ibogaine.  To question any 
providers they should care to make inquiries of.  You have to best determine the 
risks and benefits of any provider. There are those on this list that will 
respond to you and I will have to leave it to that.  I only one of the most 
talkative persons on this list at the moment.

There is a list of some ibogaine providers available at 
http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/treatment.htm however, I am uncertain if treatments are still being 
provided in Italy.  If you look into it and get an answer let us know.

There are so many variables and so many possible outcomes in ibogaine therapy 
and that is what anyone seeking ibogaine should understand.  Elimination of 
opioid withdrawal is virtually a given or almost that.  Then it is the endless 
question of what comes after ibogaine.  And that depends very much on whom is 
the patient.  You also have to look at the possibility of general benefit to 
the patient in spite of and beyond any stopping of drug use.  Sorry I cannot be 
of more help.  


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