ibo 2 report 3

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Sun Aug 22 22:08:31 EDT 2004

HI all,
    Yes, I am pretty good at the ol' bitchin' and moanin'.
    I'm past the "holy shit what was I thinkin'" stage again now.
    I'm now into the Golden Time (My new term for it- V likes it too), that
ibo afterglow that helps make the world around me so extra beautiful.
    So, in a nutshell:

I wasn't sure I was going to able to do this weekend, but things just
clicked all week, (ibo vibes perhaps?) and I honestly think the ibo wanted
to see me again, just as I did it/he/she.
    I dj'd all night Friday night, from 8:30PM until about 3:15 AM,, (having
gone in way early, too antsy to sit any longer in my apartment, knowing I
could start the ibo at any time.
    I did not go to sleep between getting home by 3:20AM and when I first
ate the first of 3 doses (the amounts I'll report later as soon as I know
what they actually were- I've been told of course, but didn't write it down-
Bad Reporter!) beginning at 5:39, then at 5:59, and the final portion of the
main dose at 6:19AM.
    As soon as I began to feel the first inklings of ibo buzz, I got
terrified, and very, very "what in the fuck have I done??!! This was Stupid!
Do I really want to subject myself to this agaIN? Then this voice came up
very clearly saying, "It's too late, you can't back out, go with it- it's
not a fun drug remember." Very calm, fairly quiet, but definitely audible. I
began to hear very strange sounds, city/outside my windows sounds, all the
big trucks and things that drive by on Houston St. were making very odd
high-pitched whining sounds that went on for EVER.
    Over and over again.
    I then got ataxia pretty hard, and the spins.
    Last time I ate to dramamines, but was told they were going to dry me
out so regretted taking them, because sure enough I did get very dried out
and parched. But this second time around, again, I got very, very thirsty
and dry mouthed, whether it's the ibo or the anti-motion sickness stuff I am
unsure of.
    Although I hate the spins and don't handle boats very well, I didn't
throw up at all first go-round, but this time, egad! I got S-I-C-K!
Violently retching into the buckets, having to pee but too scared to sit up
and grab the bucket in case I threw up again. It was pretty hellish.
    My idea had been if I take it after dj'ing all night, the kind of music
I want, not the kind the burlesque dancers and the audience thinks they
wanted- (because it usually works out that I get all sorts of comliments
throughout the night, and then some blond bimbo-as happened last
night...errr, not last night, night before last, sorry missing time gets me
confused sometimes- comes up with a sickly sweet "aren't I so FAKE" smile,
saying, "I'm here with a girlfriend whose b-day/anniversary/whatever the
hell the stupid reason is wants to hear some 80s hits! Puhlees play us some
80s hits. We wanna dance."
    Meanwhile, I'm dancing my ass off behind the dj booth, all freakin'
night, so whenever this happens,  or at least in the case of last night as
sometimes I will be in the mood for some kinda 80s hit (although I suspecct
my idea of a "hit" isn't always what these bimbo/bubbleheads are thinking
of) I get really like, "80s hits suck ass, and I won't play them- I know
every single song I'm playing tonight from beginning to end, so forgeddaboud
it." Then give a big warm smile to let her know I do care, just not about
80s hits.
    So anyway, I primed myself with the music all night, preparing to go
into ibo again.
    I thought I'd simply fall asleep easily having been upright, dancing,
and having to be on top of running the music for the burlesque dancers, and
run the sound for the pre-burlesque band (which was actualy very good -
called Saint Eve, a local goth/industrial like band- and holy shit I WANT
their dj's cd set up. He's got those cool DC mixers that flat out make me
drool lately) as well as all the night music during non-show moments, well,
you can imagine I was prettttttty tired by the time I got home. I spent the
nearly 2 hours waiting for V to arrive so I could drop thinking, "should I
just go to sleep and do this later today instead?" LOL, yeeeah, I'm a drug
fiend through and through, so that wasn't ever really very seriously
considered- it was though, but in one of those passing sort of ways. V got
home, I dropped.
    As noted, I got a lot of aural hallicinations, but began taking valiums
to help me sleep fairly early, (3 total during initial ibo) as soon as I
felt I could keep one down after vomiting. (I managed not to throw up the
ibo though, according to my provider- he think even a couple hours would be
cool, and I managed to hold it in for at least 4.)
    What I did NOT get were any visuals really- I mean, right now I've got
all the vivid amazing trails happening off everything wether they're moving
around or not, but I didn't really get the holodeck this time. I really,
really wanted to, but again, as a fiend I did not want to wait longer
between times and wanted to reexperience some of what I did the first time
round, hoping I could focus better without the terror (which kicked in at
the last moment anyway, as noted). No liquid metal with eyes open, and no
holodeck eyes closed. OR, if I did get those things, the valium helped
deminish them.
    No, I am not complaining at all.
    As someone else noted to me today, "ibo gives people what they NEED, not
what they WANT," and I have to say I wholeheartedly agree.
    Because as awful and hellish as this last experience was, by this
afternoon, wobbly and weak, I managed to get outta bed and go walk with V
down the Tompkins Square park to visit the Howl Festival, where hundreds of
local and visiting artists get space along side the fense surrounding the
park to do whatever they wish artwise (some absolutely brilliant stuff too)
as well as vendors selling everything from sausage (yuck) to vegan food
(believe it or not, I had my first ever VOLUNTARY soy milk, in a
berry-banana smoothy) and everything in between like music (I bought a
really fucking cool cd today called Australie Didgeridoo, with 24 of the
most weird, funcky, eerie music ever. It's actually quite beautiful in part,
and very primitive and dark in others- reminding me in some ways of Afrian
chants and the like- there's even a story about the first didgeridoo inside
the front cover that says at one point- Welcome to the time of Dreaming- how
APT is that? Very, that's rhetorical all) and clothing and all sorts of
other goods that I didn't want or need to buy so didn't.
    So, was it worth it to do it again so soon? Definitely. Did it work out
the way I'd hoped and really wanted? Not at all, not DURING the voyaging,
but certainly everything I was hoping and asking for afterwards is
definitely happening now.
    I have already made the firm decision that I am not doing this again for
at least 6 months to a year. No Sooner. (I know, once again, remind me of
that in 2 months when I begin saying, golly gee you know what I want to do
again? Ibogaine!- Please.)
    So I hope this fills in some blanks somewhat, or at least, fills in
something for someone. It is certainly very helpful to me to put all this
out into the public realm for feedback and countering opinions too.
    Oh, and btw, just for those who smoke POT, Jack Herer pot is flat out
AWESOME. Get ahold of some (yeah, I'm conspiring here) and smoke it/eat
it/vaporize it right away. It is honestly magical pot that anyone I've
smoked some with has about fallen on the floor in amazement and glee, always
profusely thanking me- which isn't really necessary, because what's pot for
but to smoke others out with?)
Ok, I think I'm finished for now.
Peace and love to you all, and may the powers that be bless us all,

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