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I can't say what Glick and Albany are about to do but, was just commenting on 
what would be a normal approach to development.  As for the Ibogaine 
Traveling Circus I am certainly impressed and anticipate it will move ibogaine 
political development and possibly availability to the fast track one way or another. 
 Hopefully there will be no catastrophes. What it indicates is that people 
who need ibogaine are not going to wait for government or the medical community 
to obtain an important medication.  Which by the way is more or less the topic 
of my presentation at the Ibogaine session during the Harm Reduction 
Conference:  Broadly titled, Returning Control of Ibogaine to Drug Users. Something 
that appears to be happening.


In a message dated 8/22/04 7:33:22 PM, think at francomm.com writes:

>Everybody is allowed to have a goal, right?  But, right now they don't
>show signs of even one quarter of a loaf.   Of course, I don't know
>anything.  Maybe they're ready to go forth next week with a wondrous
>proposal and back it up.

>In the meantime, I see these courageous people here (this includes my
>Biscuit Boy :-) taking advantage of what we have available.

>think at francomm.com

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>> In a message dated 8/22/04 4:12:36 PM, think at francomm.com writes:

>> >SNIP

>> >> There are a lot of curious list members who would certainly like to find
>> >>how powerful and effective 18-mc may be.

>> >And yet it seems we are not going to find out any time soon, maybe never?

>> >Why couldn't this nifty little substance play an important role in
>> >aftercare?  Say, once the initial treatment was done, a once a day (or 
once a week, >> > month) pill keeps every one up to snuff so to speak.

>> I think that 18-mc's developers are thinking in terms of treatment and
>> aftercare.  Why go for have the loaf?

>> Howard

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