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Thankyou Julian,I assume Sara is in the UK,is this correct.
                                                   With Smiles Jasen.(Australia)
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  Hello Jasen. Thanks for your response to my letter and in my opinion, based on your geography and desiring a reasonable cost, I would go to Sara for treatment. If you write her on this forum, she will tell you her number and address. I am going to her for my 2nd treatment in a couple of months (or whenever I get my passport). I spoke to her on the phone and her vibes are so great! I had spoken to several people and to be honest I had no problem with any of them. Most of them charge quite a bit even though they do not believe it. People in all forms of treatment always remind you how much money you spent getting high so isn't their treatment worth it? It is a ridiculous argument in reality. In concept of course it is valid, but in reality, most of us if not ALL are no longer doing the (usually illegal) things we did when getting high to hustle up our bread! When I started meth and no longer hustled, I was so fucking broke all the time, because I had no money anymore! When getting high I was broke but not because I had no money, but because I was spending all of it on getting off! Anyway write Sara and speak with her! 

                                                                    Good Luck man, 
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