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Sun Aug 22 13:15:19 EDT 2004

>How powerful (effective) is MC 18 for human consumption?  This whole
>Scenario (MC 18) is mystifying to me.  Why isn't anyone going ahead with
>if if money is no problem and the US Gov. has given the OK to run the trials?
>think at

Because money IS a problem, and until they have enough to do a trial, 
they never get to the part where they submit the protocol and FDA 
approves it, even though all indications are that the major 
objections of FDA/NIDA have been overcome. I don't believe Glick's 
patent extends to Australia anyway, although the issue of theft of 
intellectual property might come up. But I assume this would be a 
guerilla, not a commercial, enterprise--so it wouldn't matter. And 
then there's the issue of withholding the cure in time of plague. 
India ignores international patents on pharma.

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