9 Bleecker available during convention

Dana Beal dana at cures-not-wars.org
Sun Aug 22 12:55:03 EDT 2004

>Wonder if the Cures Not Wars folks are planning anything special for 
>our republican guests to the grimy apple.

Ibonauts have the run of the ground floor of 9 Bleeker during the 
period leading up to, and during, the convention. We will be 
responding on a daily basis to happenings around the city. Look for 
us today and tomorrow at Howlfest, tomorrow night at Bloomberg's 
mansion, the "Yippie tea party,"  next Saturday at the Green event in 
Washington Square Park, Sunday at the United for Peace and Justice 
March, the hiphop march against the Rockefeller drug laws, and the 
Harlem rally the last day of the Convention. We will be at all of 
these with tables full of ibogaine literature, tapes, melatonin 
samples, etc.

In addition, we will be throwing a benefit at 8 pm the last nite of 
the convention, at St. Marks on the Bowery, with two comedians giving 
a running commentary on Bush's speech. Proceeds go to establish the 
Yippie Museum at 9  Bleecker. An article is about to come out in the 
NYTimes detailing how cures not wars, working with the National AIDS 
Brigade, got the building.

It is important for this list to support cures not wars, which is 
registered with New York State as the north american affiliate of the 
Sacrament of Transition, a lay religious brotherhood duly recognized 
by the interior ministry of Slovenia (former Yugoslavia). We need a 
longterm presence in the Village at a place where people know to find 

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