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mcorcoran mcorcoran27 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 22 11:42:08 EDT 2004

Oh Preston... So I guess the idea of being a little more familiar with Mr Iboga didn't work out the way we thought it would. Kicked my ass the second time too but only for an hour or two but I think you took more than I did the second time round not to mention for whatever reason it was never a laid out on my back for days kinda thing for me after the first 9 hours of so all I wanted to do was be outside. But we both know how much it varies from person to person. Well if you need anything I'll be home this afternoon and tell Vanessa that as well. 
I like the idea of waiting another 4 weeks or so and then one more visit and I think after that it'll be years, if at all. I like the idea of being of sound mind and body and going to that place again. I have a feeling it will be that much more insightful because the ibogaine doesn't have the same focus as it did and neither will I.
A wise man told me right before my first therapeutic dose to not make any decisions about ibogaine until you've slept, even if only for an hour. That turned out to be the best advice I got when it came to the experience itself... other than the blink your eyes thing, which was from the same source. Maybe I'll need to remind myself of that again but in the meantime try and hold off on the V's as long as you can and wait for that natural sleep to come on. I'll be keepin a good thought for you. 
Call me if you need me.  -M.

Preston Peet <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
HI all,
Quick note, at the 28 hour mark=
I"m having 5trouble wseeeiong, but that's alright, I've fainlly stoppped
being so wsick to my pooor stomacfh, and again , UGH! How the hell anyonje
can convince themsel.ves this is a greatidea TWICE, is beyon....oh,l waiting
a minute, I"m not getting that quiest right am I'
SWo, it was rough, lota vomit in bucketws, lots of servere headache that
forced V to get up and run out side for extra strenght advi8l.
I didn't seem to go as deeplyinto the vision state, at least not yet,
and now, since I"m sitting up right and tyrp[ing aaway on my keyboard,
MING the worst iws over.
Peace and love, and I'll write more laterl.

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