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Sun Aug 22 00:51:20 EDT 2004

Hi Jasen,

I would defiantly recommend ibogaine if you really want to change your life.  
While I cannot say that all thoughts to use are gone (as some have) I can say 
that using is defiantly a choice for me today, where two weeks ago I felt 
compelled to use by an inner demon addict.  The really heavily physically 
addicted who were just treated have been reporting great results as well in the area 
of withdrawal.

As for where is best, others on the list would probably guide you best in 
that area. I hear great things about Sara in the Netherlands; A fellow list 
member has reported positive things about his experience in Mexico.  Ibo is legal 
for treatment in Canada, I know, and I believe there is treatment there as 
well, and in the UK, where it is not legal.  I am sure that now that you thrown 
out your question you will get more authoritative answers soon.  It's Saturday 
night/early Sunday night here in the US;I notice that the list is slower during 
the late nite/early morning hours generally, and Sat nite especially.  I 
guess people are out enjoying life, or sleeping.  

Hang in there and please post anything you feel may help you.  I'm here for 
you bro, and you will meet a whole lot more fellow travelers in the coming days 
I'm sure on the Spaceship Mindvox.

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