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Hello Sean,
Ibogaine is not legal in Australia,..I don't think.
I am prepared to go to another country,..say..Africa, the states Mexico.I just don;t know which is the best place to go for treatment.

I am hoping that someone could tell me where the best place is.I can get the money together and I have a passport which is current.I am prepared to go within the next 10 days.I just don't know where to go.Where would you suggest? How did your treatment go?Is it as good as I'm hearing.

I cried with happiness and hope when I read about Ibogaine,
I have been asking for guidance for some time now.I feel this is my answer. Is it really that efficient?

Thankyou so much for your response.
May the angels of light keep guiding you to health and happiness.
                              With smiles Jasen. (Australia).
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  Hey Jasen,

  Welcome to mindvox.  I was treated a week ago by a group of guerilla ibogaine activists who treated addicts in the NYC area.  This group is determined to make accessible affordable ibogaine available in the United States where the FDA, beholden to big pharma, has been dragging it's feet for years.  This group will touch down in another US city later this year. Eventually they plan to wind their way back here.

  There's a shitload of info on ibo at  I especially recommend the treatment and link section.  And while you are there, treat yourself to the art and images page as well! Maybe another list member can lead you to ibo info in your part of the world.  Do you know if ibogaine is legal in Australia?  It's not here. But there is always hope.

  Pax and smiles,
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