[ibogaine] NA is a joke

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 16:59:53 EDT 2004

LMAO thanks Jason :-) OK Mindvox is a videogame for
shcizophrenics :-) It's full of weird easter eggs. How
do you even find all this???

I want to say something more about NA but I'm laughing
too hard right now and need to make some calls. 

Carla B

--- Jason Bursey <jasonburseyiboga at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> http://na.mindvox.com/
> CallieMimosa at aol.com wrote:In a message dated
> 8/21/2004 2:46:12 PM Central Daylight Time,
> vector620022002 at yahoo.com writes:
> but I don't think there are too many who
> have had a lot of good come from it. I'm only
> guessing of course ;)
> Patrick did you like NA? ;) ;) ;) Maybe you did you
> have a banner for
> NA on MindVox :)
> I have several acquaintances who claim a world of
> good and happiness as a result of going to NA
> meetings. My boss is a recovering nurse in NA but I
> am not sure what her drug of choice is/was. She
> talks 'program' talk and cliches a lot.
> She and the other folks I know who say they got
> cleaned up with NA go to a lot of meetings and hang
> out with mostly other recovering NA success stories.
> I see it as a kind of 'social club'.
> I have heard speakers who say they were hard core
> junkies but I think they are few.
> I attended AA when trying to clean up years ago. I
> felt a lot more comfortable with the old alcoholics
> than the cleaned up hippie types in NA. 
> They has 'huggers' at the door whose duty it was to
> hug every person that came in!!! That turned me
> off!!! I did not want some chick with flowers in her
> hair hugging me or even touching me. I was feeling
> like shit, confused and sad and mad!
> Then to have to walk in front of everyone and claim
> desire to take the way of NA and surrender......YAY!
> Everybody clapping and they give you a key chain for
> Gods sake! Let everybody know you might be operating
> a vehicle under influence of narcotics! hahahahaha!!
> So, I think I said NA is not for me! If I didn't I
> have said it now!
> If Ibogaine does not work for me I guess I will be a
> lifetime Methadone Maintenance patient. I can live
> with that but I sure hope Ibogaine sets me in the
> right direction!
> I do know those Bwiti Gods are going to have their
> work cut out for them cause I am addict through and
> through!
> Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. Think I
> will take a nap.
> Callie
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