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CallieMimosa at aol.com wrote:In a message dated 8/21/2004 2:46:12 PM Central Daylight Time, vector620022002 at yahoo.com writes:
but I don't think there are too many who
have had a lot of good come from it. I'm only guessing of course ;)
Patrick did you like NA? ;) ;) ;) Maybe you did you have a banner for
NA on MindVox :)

I have several acquaintances who claim a world of good and happiness as a result of going to NA meetings. My boss is a recovering nurse in NA but I am not sure what her drug of choice is/was. She talks 'program' talk and cliches a lot.
She and the other folks I know who say they got cleaned up with NA go to a lot of meetings and hang out with mostly other recovering NA success stories. I see it as a kind of 'social club'.
I have heard speakers who say they were hard core junkies but I think they are few.
I attended AA when trying to clean up years ago. I felt a lot more comfortable with the old alcoholics than the cleaned up hippie types in NA. 
They has 'huggers' at the door whose duty it was to hug every person that came in!!! That turned me off!!! I did not want some chick with flowers in her hair hugging me or even touching me. I was feeling like shit, confused and sad and mad!
Then to have to walk in front of everyone and claim desire to take the way of NA and surrender......YAY! Everybody clapping and they give you a key chain for Gods sake! Let everybody know you might be operating a vehicle under influence of narcotics! hahahahaha!!
So, I think I said NA is not for me! If I didn't I have said it now!
If Ibogaine does not work for me I guess I will be a lifetime Methadone Maintenance patient. I can live with that but I sure hope Ibogaine sets me in the right direction!
I do know those Bwiti Gods are going to have their work cut out for them cause I am addict through and through!
Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. Think I will take a nap.

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