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hi Allison,

The judgementalness at my local NA meetings certainly didn't help me.  I'd 
come back to these looks that said "you naughty boy."  When I said I wanted to 
put down the dope and the crack, they kept saying.."we have heard this before 
form you? Why is this time different?"  If I went in hopeful, I left really 

Of course in some way the fundamental nature of NA is judgmental, I believe, 
in that those on meth are still considered "dirty," and not welcome to 
participate. NA says it wants to assist addicts become "acceptable, responsible and 
productive," but not if they are on the meth.  In that case the addict better 
shut the fuck up and listen.

I know NA varies from area to area and I have heard better stories elsewhere. 
These are just my experiences in north Jersey.

Anyway, thanks for your post.  Sounds like you follow the way of the peaceful 

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