[ibogaine] ibo and near death

Allison Senepart paradisepaint at callsouth.net.nz
Sat Aug 21 07:47:46 EDT 2004

Do you think most or a lot of us have OD'S and are still lucky to be here. 
I did it having a bath, nice hot water and cruising after work, my partner
gave me a shot and the next thing I know hes standing me up by the fire
rubbing me with a towel and my daughter is looking at me like really scared.
 Thats a guilt trip I will have to carry for ages.   \Allison 
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Your post gave me goosebumps.  A meth clinic run by the ibo experienced
It's strange, but I managed to forget my three heroin ODs this year when
reading Preston's post.  In my case, though, there was no chance to "choose"
to come back so to speak.  Narcon woke me the fuck up.  I do remember my
first OD I was in a dream..thought I was in my bed at home (which I had not
seen a while) very clam, peaceful..then WOAH...These are EMTs...must have OD
s.  Right there on the sidewalk on tenth street (NYC)  I have to say I was
glad each time I was brought back.  

I did have a little fear going into the ibo experience that I would jion the
handful of people who died during ibo treatment.  Irrational I know, but
there nonetheless.
I'm glad to report I didn't die, as you all have probably surmised.  In fact
I was born again.:)

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