[ibogaine] NYC or London post ibo support

Hattie epoptica at freeuk.com
Sat Aug 21 04:47:03 EDT 2004

> Are there support options for post-ibogaine treatment in New York?
> My son is considering doing ibogaine and wants to relocate there or London.
> Is anyone listening from UK? He qualifies for British citizenship. What is
> support there? Is treatment cheaper there?
> What is the difference between post-therapy with a practitioner who knows
> about ibogaine or anybody else?
> I'm looking into support locally in Mass. where he qualifies for inexpensive
> clinical type treatment, but relocation is best.
> Andy 
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I have mailed you off list Andy but just wanted to let people know there are
treatments over here, both medically supervised and not. Aftercare is
something that you can discuss in full with your ibogaine treatment
provider. There are obviously the usual support networks such as NA groups
and NHS group therapy and rehab programs, but also other schools of
psychotherapy, counselling and bodywork that I personally would recommend.
I have been encouraging people to set up a post ibogaine support network
over here but unfortunately it hasn't happened in a structured way or not
that I am aware of anyhow.

There are a couple of therapists I would recommend who are familiar with
ibogaine and non ordinary states and who would therefore be able to work
more specifically with the ibogaine experience post session. The session
itself usually involves considerable integration work and the provider is at
hand to help when and as needed following the experience.

I hope this helps

If you want to talk more about this it would possibly be better off list.
Scrutiny exists over here as well!!

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