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Barbara Judd
( I have not met nor spoken to her personally- I've only been told about
Her number is:


I think. That's what I've got written down here.
BTW, I'll be off list I think for a day or two, traveling.
Be safe all.

peace and love,

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> Preston
> Please send me the contact info for your post-ibo support guy or gal. That
> is the area we want to get better with out here for our west coast,
> southwest area sessions. We have great results with regular real people,
> but experienced, (or willing to become experienced) counselors are fewer.
> I hope to learn the protocols and techniques they are finding most
> effective.
> I'm liking your narrative to the list, congratulations on the rejuvenation
> of your brain and body.  That is a sacred gift from this plant and I'm
> glad you can gift back to us your DJ work and your articulate sharing on
> MindVox. Time passing gives people a "window" of 2-3 months, post ibo, for
> this willpower and awareness boost to help put in place better choices and
> health patterns. Genuine second chances are pretty rare out here in
> consensus reality. The sheer opportunity for personal change this plant
> offers is just magickal.
> As for the "not fun" thread, that depends on what each of us brings to the
> table, emotionally, you know? I'm flashing on Iggy and his Stooges and
> their version of "No Fun"...There are plenty of walking wounded with
> trails of woe seeking a save in their session with ibo. Some people have
> worked on themselves and let go of most of their pain and trauma in
> decades past from that work. These clients report an intensity and depth
> from this that definately isn't party-hearty type fun, but it's more up
> than the hell patrol many addicts are describing. Everyone has their place
> on The Wheel, I guess. Grinding down an ego has to be uncomfortable, it
> seems.
> Do you have any CD's of your DJ sessions available? I'm familiar with and
> fond of a lot of avante-gard alternative rock and techno music, but since
> moving to the Southwestern desert, a void of hip culture has been my
> second most uncomfortable collateral damage. The first being no available
> modern olympic swimming pools to keep in touch with the water goddess.
> Any CD's or links to internet radio programming you are moved by would be
> very welcome.
> Respectfully,
> Dr. Tom
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