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In an outrageous verdict that shows the disparity of Canadian Cannabis Law, 
in order to "set an example" Saskatoon Judge Lavoie sentenced Marc Emery to 3 
months in jail for passing two joints! If this is drug trafficking what was 
Paul Martin's wife doing when she was dishing out hash brownies? Send out the 
Press Release on the show page to your local media and write PM Martin and 
Justice Minister Irwin Cotler and tell them what you think about this travesty of 
Mail Marc a Letter of Support c/o Saskatoon Correctional Centre 910 60th St. 
East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 2H6
To be part of the protests and vigils that will be held in Marc's honor 
contact Dana Larsen muggles2 at cannabisculture.com
Contact the Judge who sent Marc to Jail
Judge D. Albert Lavoie
Provincial Court of Saskatchewan
220 - 19th Street
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H6
London, ON N6A 6A5
Fax: (519) 933-8008
Email: alavoie at judicom.gc.ca 
Contact the Crown Prosecutor who was trying to get Marc two years for passing 
a joint!
Frank Impey
Justice Canada
Criminal Prosecutions
123 - 2nd Avenue South, 10th Floor
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 7E6
Telephone:(306) 975-6189
Fax:(306) 975-4507
Write the Canadian Justice Department and demand that Judge Lavoie be removed 
from the Bench and that Marc Emery's sentence be reversed: 
webadmin at justice.gc.ca
The Criminal Code gives the Minister of Justice the power to review a 
conviction to determine whether there may have been a miscarriage of justice. This 
power has been part of Canada's justice system since the original Criminal Code 
of 1892. Today, the Minister's power to review convictions is set out in 
sections 696.1-696.6 in Part XXI.1 of the Criminal Code. 

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